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Creaferm ML

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The key to successful MLF outcomes is the use of nutritionally balanced nutrient to support the selected culture over the period of its rehydration, induction into the wine, and the completion of the malic acid conversion.

It has been observed that MLF fermentations may stall at residual malic acid levels of around .6 and 1.1g./L.  A major contributor to these situations is the lack of suitable nutrients.

Ever Intec have worked to develop activators designed to overcome these deficiencies when used at the correct time and in the correct dosage.

Creaferm ML (previously known as Biocibus ML)

Creaferm ML is based on yeast cell walls, which enrich the wine with nitrogenous compounds in the organic form (amino acids and peptides), where growth and survival factors are fundamental for the development of lactic micro-flora.

Creaferm ML is formulated to correct nutritional shortfalls in wines and to re-establish a correct level of turbidity, avoiding the risk of difficult fermentations due to excessive clarification.

Ensures physiologically healthy bacteria, which maximize positive sensory attributes, mouthfeel and complexity, whilst reducing wine acidity.

Ensures the dominance of the strain over indigenous bacterial populations including those species that may taint (e.g. biogenic amines) and /or compromise wine sensory quality (e.g. ropiness, mousiness, bitterness and excess diacetyl).


Where alcoholic fermentation is complete:

Add Creaferm ML to wine prior to the addition of the rehydrated MLF culture at a rate of between 15 20g. / 100 litres.

Where alcoholic fermentation is incomplete and sugars remain:

Add the rehydrated MLF culture to the fermenting juice.

Only add Creaferm ML at a rate of between 15 20g. / 100 litres to the wine and culture at the completion of alcoholic fermentation.

Technical sheet - Creaferm [166.12 KB]


Certificate of Analysis - Batch 05430 [312.58 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 07206 [306.81 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 97215 [181.23 KB]

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