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Zimovit (previously Attiferm)

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ZIMOVIT  is a necessary aid for regular and complete fermentation processes.   It supports yeast activity by adding macro and micro nutrients necessary for the full development of the biochemical reactions to achieve complete fermentation.  ZIMOVIT contains Dibasic ammonium phosphate, Ammonium sulfate, Potassium bicarbonate & Thiamine hydrochloride.

ZIMOVIT  is also suitable to support yeasts in second fermentation for sparkling wines.


Dose Rate:  

Add 20-100 g/100 litres to must or wine to be fermented,(half at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation and the remaining half, half way through the progress of fermentation), ( 3-4 alcoholic degrees) and also in conjunction with the use of other nutrients such as NUTROZIM or CREA-FERM.

In sparkling wine re-fermentation, add 10-30 g/100 litres of  ZIMOVIT .

Pack sizes:   1Kg & 25Kg 


Certificate of Analysis - Batch 05403 [182.65 KB] 

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 06005 [150.87 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 12421 [151.26 KB]

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