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Creaferm Gold

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Creaferm Gold

Ingredients:       Fermentation activator based on yeast cell walls, thiamine hydrochloride, amino acids and oligopeptides and vitamins

Usage:              Designed to assist the rapid activation of yeast ferments by allowing the yeast to accumulate amino acids important aromatic precursors.  Creaferm Gold accelerates the consumption of fructose ideal in the case of difficult or stuck fermentations and for starting of secondary fermentations.

Dose:                30g / 100 litres of must at the commencement of fermentation or in the case of secondary ferments 20g / 100 litres at commencement of re ferment.

Packs:              1Kg. pack

Tech Sheet  

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 11823 [146.64 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 172022 [149.55 KB]


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