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Creaferm Extra

Similar to Creaferm Gold with added nutrients assists ferments where high sugar levels / high alcohols exist or where sluggish / stuck ferments are a problem.  

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Creaferm Gold

Designed to assist the rapid activation of yeast ferments. Creaferm Gold is ideal in the case of difficult or stuck fermentations and for starting of secondary fermentations.  

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Creaferm No Stop

A complex nutriment specifically formulated for the difficult ferment situations where there is a risk of the ferment slowing down and stopping. 

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Creaferm nutrient (Yeast hulls)

CREA-FERM is a special Bio-Activator preparation based on selected and purified yeast hulls. CREA-FERM brings “noble nutrients”, notably sterols and long-chain fatty acids, which reduce the risk of volatile acidity production.  

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Diammonium Phosphate (D.A.P.)

Traditional yeast nutrient providing nitrogen during fermentation. 

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Good nutritional management of yeast ferments is now an integral part of modern winemaking. These nutrients are designed to maintain regular ferments, allowing yeasts to dominate over indigenous micro-flora, and contribute to healthy yeast cell production 

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Zimovit (previously Attiferm)

Complex vitamin supplement to aid regular and complete fermentations. 

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