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Wine Processing Chemicals & Additives arrow Purac® Vin purified Lactic Acid

Purac® Vin purified Lactic Acid

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A PURIFIED high quality natural organic acid (food grade) produced by the fermentation of sugars developed in Europe and being released onto the Australian market for vintage 2012.
Lactic acid is a naturally occurring component of wine resulting from bacterial conversion of Malic acid and offers the winemaker a much softer mouth-feel and lingering acid finish than that provided by Tartaric Acid and a lot more…………

PURAC® Vin is not your average food grade Lactic Acid, but a highly purified product specially formulated in Spain for the wine industry.

  • PURAC® Vin allows a more predictable increase in a wine’s T/A due to the greater solubility of its salts with Potassium with no loss of Potassium due to precipitation.
  • Tartaric Acid’s effectiveness is lowered due to the formation of bitartrates which drop out of the wine – particularly when used as late additions prior to bottling.
  • pH drop when using Tartaric acid is unpredictable depending on the Potassium levels of the wine, PURAC® Vin offers very predictable pH drop because Potassium is soluble in its presence.
  • PURAC® Vin is not attacked by micro-organisms and can be safely stored in ambient temperatures for long periods without deterioration in quality.
  • PURAC® Vin promotes the formation of ethyl lactate and isoamil lactate which are important contributors to a wines bouquet and results in a lower pH drop and higher ester concentration when compared with Tartaric acid.
  • Acidification using Tartaric acid can be detected easily by taste whereas PURAC® Vin offers no such taste trail.
  • PURAC® Vin is presented in liquid form at 88% by volume for more measured additions.
  • Manufactured in Spain to the highest standards by the largest Lactic Acid producer in the World and is not subject to vintage variation and price volatility as is the case with Tartaric acid.

Dose:                Determined by trial

Pack size:         25Kg., 255Kg drum & 1000Kg IBC 

"The advantages of the acidification of musts and wines with Purac® Vin"

Technical lecture presented by Antonio Moscoso at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (endorsed by the OIV) held in Amsterdam on 21 & 22 of November, 2011.

Certificate of Analysis Lot 1109002489 [98.04 KB]

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Usually ships in: February 2012



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