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Quertanoak ETCT-US

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Quertanoak ETCT-US is a product dveloped by Partoeno R&D. By selecting only the noble part of the American Oak, the user can rapidly obtain very high quality results whiltst preserving the individual characteristics of each beverage.

This product allows obtaining rapid results on structure, brings roundness complexity.

Quertanoak ETCT-US is used for beverages presenting difficulties of structure, roundness and contributes to the stability of colour. Develops specific flavours and famous toasted taste.

Quertanoak ETCT-US is for use in beverages that are considered to be outside the acceptable range, for example, all beverages presenting difficulties of structure and roundness. The treated beverages can be tasted the same day of the treatment, however, it is recommended to wait at least 48 hours.

In some cases, the taste of low/medium range beverages is enhanced so greatly that they can be sold at premium prices.

Prevents reduction odours, harmonize aromas and structure. Rich in lignin, vanillin, vegetable sugars.

It is recommended to use Quertanoak ETCT-US at a dosage of 3 to 15g/hl (average).

 Quertanoak ETCT-US

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