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Tannredox VIT

Tannredox VIT

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Tannredox VIT is an anti-oxidant for wine and must. It can be used with minimal SO2 and even as an SO2 substitute. Due to its special make up of ascorbic acid and gallic tannin, it has a higher anti-oxidant power than SO2 and doesn't form yellow hues or affect the wines colour. Tannredox VIT has the ability to help a wine maintain stable and consistant Free Sulphur levels whilst in bulk storage or even as a pre-bottling addition.  

Technical Data Sheet

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Suitable for Red White& Rose wines

Dissolved oxygen reacts immediately with ascorbic acid, forming 4 semi-dehydroascorbic acid, which drives the remaining oxygen to 'fix' to the gallic tannin. This reactiopn is reversible and as oxygen accumulates by 'fixing' to the gallic tannin, it is slowly liberated, reacting with ethanol, which is oxidised to acetaldehyde and degraded by proanthocyanidins producing stable and colourless polymers.





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