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Pronektar "Essentielle" American Oak Staves

Price: $425.00

The products in the staves range are used during the various phases of wine making to contribute roasted or toasted notes and to contribute sweetness and structure with a balanced blend of oak and fruit.

The choice of product, the dose rate, the stage at which the product is incorporated and the length of time it remains in contact with the wine are defined according to the objectives the winemaker is seeking to achieve.

Oenological benefits:

  • Gain in volume and structure
  • Enhancement of fruity character
  • Anti oxidant effect
  • Promotes toast and roasted aromas
  • Easy to handle


Oak:                Quercus alba

Stave size:     960mm  X  47mm  X  7mm

Toasting:         Medium,   Medium+

Dose rate:       Normal dose 20 staves / 1000 litres   heavy dose  40 staves / 1000 litres

Pack size:       100 Staves per pack 


       *For bulk price please contact your local agent or email 










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