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The Exception

ProCork is a revolutionary closure, developed in Melbourne and now with technology exported to the World.   The membrane technology has been designed to allow the natural properties of cork to be fully utilized, but to inhibit the transfer of taints (specially TCA) to the wine it protects. This unique patented process has meant that winemakers can again have confidence in cork as a premium closure.  An additional feature of these closures is its ability to retain SO2 levels in wine for longer periods than virtually any other closure including screwcap - meaning fresher wines for longer periods.

A range of agglomerate closures (micro particle, agglomerate and agglomerate with discs) and natural cork in Select Gold & Platinum (Reference 2, 1 and hand select) are available at very competitive pricing.

Special printing is also available should you wish to personalise your closures.

We are proud to represent ProCork and present them to the World as a fantastic alternative closure. 

AWRI Report

ProCork website



Some happy ProCork users


  • Cantina de Soave Veneto
  • Fabiano  Veneto
  • Visconti  Lombardy
  • Concilio Vini  Trentino
  • Cantina Casarsi  Friuli-Venezia
  • Capanna  Tuscany
  • Dezzani  Piedmont
  • 6 Castelli  Piedmont


  • Château d'Angles
  • Domaine de Brizé
  • Château Carronne Sainte Gemme
  • Château La Dauphine
  • Château Lesquireau Desse
  • Château Rabau Promis
  • Château de Ségriès


  • Balnaves of Coonawarra
  • Thorn Clarke
  • Bass Phillip Wines
  • Geoff Hardy Wines
  • Mount Avoca

Peter Bissell at Balnaves of Coonawarra says:

"If you look at the results of the AWRI Closure Trial it's the top performing closure, it doesn't have the issues of reduction screwcaps can have, but it has the highest sulphur dioxide retention of any closure and it doesn't have any problems with TCA," Balnaves winemaker Pete Bissell said. "It allows you to have a cork without the problems of cork. Even if you have corks that don't have TCA you'll still end up with 12 different wines after 12 months because they all let different amounts of oxygen into the bottle.

The membranes on a ProCork regulate the amount of oxygen going into the bottle, so you get more consistency - a development that sits somewhere between a screwcap and a very good natural cork. A screwcap will always retain much more of that brighter, fresher fruit much longer than a cork, but a screwcap will also slow down the integration of the tannin on the palate and they can look quite linear for longer. "A ProCork allows faster tannin integration - not as much as cork but faster than screwcap and it also retains some of that brighter, fresher fruit. So with our Cabernet and The Tally we've decided to go with ProCork partly because the style of wine we're making needs more air than you get under a screwcap. We look at it every year and ask ourselves if we are doing the right thing, but we've been under ProCork since 2005 and are still happy with what we're seeing."

Pete Bissell, Balnaves of Coonawarra, Australia. WBM - Profile of Balnaves article




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