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Rankine Sulphur Test - Components

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Round flask with Flat bottom 50ml - 24/29 quick fit neck

Also available in 100ml 24/29 with ROUND BOTTOM or FLAT BOTTOM.

Also available in 24/29 250ml. Round Bottom Only.

Swan Neck Adaptor - 19/26 - 24/29 quick fit top / bottom with nut and silicon ring.

To suit Liebig condenser 19/26 quick fit

Also available as 24/29 - 24/29 to suit Inland revenue condenser


Air bleed tube to suit swan necked adaptor


 7 X 255mm

Liebig Condenser 19/26 - 19/26 quickfit top / bottom


Optional - Inland Revenue Condenser 24/29 - 24/29

(in place of Liebig Condenser)

Adaptor cone 19/26 for top of Liebig Condenser or

Adaptor cone 24/29 for top of Inland Revenue Condenser

Bubbler unit with ball joint and JC13 clip

Pear shaped flask 50ml 14/23 - 14/23 quickfit

  Adaptor cone 14/23 to suit outlet 

Air pump to suit Rankine apparatus

240V AC 50Hz 2.0 amp aquarium style pump.






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