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ph Buffers and solutions

Range of suitable buffers and storage solutions.  

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pH Cleaning Solution HI7061

Specifically formulated for cleaning of pH probes. 

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pH Electrodes

Range of spare probes for pH meters. 

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pH Electrolyte Solution HI7071

Electrolyte for recharging pH probes. (Refill) 

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pH meter - Hanna bench HI 2211

HANNA HI 2211 is a microprocessor-based pH, mV and Temperature bench meter. 

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pH meter - Hanna bench HI 2215 Professional

The HI 2215 is a 0.001 pH resolution microprocessor based pH and Temperature bench meter that can also measure Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in mV. Relative mV feature is also provided. 

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pH meter - Hanna bench HI222 Professional

Professional bench pH meter specifically designed for winemaking. 

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pH meter - Hanna hand held HI98128

Simple, easy to use and waterproof - hand held pH meter for basic winery applications. 

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pH meter - Hanna Portable HI 83141

Well priced, robust unit for lab and field work. 

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pH Meter - Hannah HI2020 multiparameter meter (pH kit)

HI 2020 edge­® – Multiparameter Meter (pH kit) edge> Is thin and lightweight, measuring just 1⁄2” thick and weighing less than 9 ounces. edge has an incredibly wide viewing angle, 5.5” LCD and a sensitive capacitive touch keypad. 

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pH Meter - Hannah HI83749 Turbidity and Bentonite meter

HI 83749 Portable Turbidity Meter and Bentonite Monitoring - > GLP Features > Fast Tracker with iButton tags > Continuous measurement mode; Verifies the settling rate of suspended matter. > Signal Average (AVG) mode; Accumulates mu 

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pH Meter HI 3512

Two channel, Ph>ORP/ISE, EC/TD/NaCI/Resistivity Benchtop Meter 

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pH probe Electrode holder

Designed for easy bench analysis. 

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pH Storage Solution HI70300

Specially formulated storage solution for pH probes. 

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