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Fining & Clarification Agents arrow Everclar Gamma - Alergen free fining

Everclar Gamma - Alergen free fining

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Everclar Gamma 

Light strike
We can mimic the ‘light strike’ effect by using the Ever Intec Light7Stress UV light machine. Exposure to natural light; more specifically to the ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum, adversely affects the quality of a wine by directly causing off-flavours associated with, wet wool and cooked cauliflower. Riboflavin is naturally found in wine and is responsible for causing these off-flavours. Implicated wavelengths are in the range of 370 and 450 nm which correspond with the absorption wavelength of riboflavin.

Upon exposure to UV light, riboflavin acts as a catalyst, and in the presence of this UV light, is excited and reacts with sulphur containing amino acids (cysteine and methionine). This phenomenon is linked to the formation of methanethiol and dimethyldisulphide; molecules responsible for these off-flavours.


30-50 g/hl in wines

Dissolve EVERCLAR GAMMA in cold water in a ratio between 1:10 to 1:20, mixing well. Let rest for some hours, stirring again and add the solution in a fine stream to the mass while keeping it agitated.





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