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PVPP Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone

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Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) technology provides effective and highly selective reduction of polyphenols causing oxidative discoloration, haze, or loss of fresh aroma and flavor characteristics.  

More specifically:

      .  Prevention of ‘pinking’ and ‘browning’ reactions in white and sparkling wines  

      .  Improved wine clarity in bottle

      .  Enhanced aroma and flavor in red wines - preserving more of the highly desirable fresh, fruity character

      .  Reduction in excessive astringency or color when needed

Dose Rates:      Trial (generally 10 - 50g / 100 litres)

Methods of Use 

PVPP made up  as a 5 - 10% slurry in water or wine and allowed to mix for 1 hour before use . This permits the stabilizer to fully hydrate and maximizes it’s effectiveness. A minimum contact time of 5 -10 minutes with the wine is all that is required. After use, the insoluble stabilizers are completely removed from the wine by racking and/or filtration.

Pack Sizes:            1Kg. , 5Kg , 22.7 Kg

Technical Sheet

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 20090912 [150.6 KB]




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