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The fining capabilities of  “Lactofine”  Milk Protein Concentrate is the result of the unique low temperature manufacturing process which retains all of the benefits of milk while minimizing its less desirable nutrients (lactose and fat). More specifically, this protein captures all the vital milk protein fractions as well as minerals in their bioavailable form as they are found in milk.   Because the ultra filtration process does not subject the milk to heat or chemical treatments, the protein fractions do not suffer any heat or chemical damage or physical restructuring.

Through this process, the casein micelles remain intact and the protein retains its configuration as it is found in nature.

The protein content of “Lactofine” is 80% in the form of casein, the lactose and fat having been removed.

“Lactofine” is soluble in room temperature water, but solubility is aided by increasing the temperature to 40 - 60°C.  Solubility at pH 7.0 is very high due to the low temperature processing, even at the high protein levels in milk protein concentrate.  No alkaline additions are necessary for “Lactofine”.

As “Lactofine” is a highly concentrated form of casein, the reduced addition rates mean a substantial cost saving per litre of wine processed when compared to commercial skim milk powder, Potassium Caseinate or Casein Lactic Acid, and being totally soluble, is quick to add.

Dose:             5g. – 30g. per 100 litres of wine

Pack Sizes:   5Kg. or 20Kg. bags.



Certificate of Analysis - Batch 600900 [119.5 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 4B2033



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