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Bentonite - Bento Flash

A more efficent & effective Wine Grade Sodium Bentonite 

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Bentonite - Fort Benton

Our replacement for Volclay Wine Grade Sodium Bentonite 

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Bentonite - Nucleobent

The most efficient & effective Wine Grade Sodium Bentonite 

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Bentonite - SIHA Activ G

High swelling calcium / sodium bentonite in granular form for the stabilization of protein in wine, unfermented musts and fruit juices. 

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Carbon - Everdec W98 Activated

Important treatment for the removal of anthocyanin pigments from juice or wine and for the de-odourising of wines to remove unwanted aromas such as smoke taint. 

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Collagel Clar

Pure Gelatin in aqueous form for fining of mainly red wines. 

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Copper Sulphate (AR Grade) Granules

Copper Sulphate granules for the addition to wine in order to remove Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and for laboratory use. 

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Copper Sulphate Solution

For the addition to wine in order to remove Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). 

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Cream of Tartar

Assists the precipitation of unsightly crystalline deposits of Potassium Bitartrate formed in white wines that have not been adequately cold stabilized. 

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Specialised formula of deactivated carbons to assist in removal of Brettanomyaces. 

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Egg White Powder

Protein fining derived from spray dried egg whites is used to reduce tannin and clarify red wines. 

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Everbent Compact

Everbent Compact - Granulated bentonite  

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Everclar Gamma - Alergen free fining

Everclar Gamma - Alergen free fining & stabilising agent. Preserves freshness, prevents"light strike" and browning.  

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Fining and stabilizing agent specific for protein and colour stability in red and rose wines. 

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EVERLASI is a fining agent specific for protein and color stability of white and rosť wines. 

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Eversol - Silica Dioxide

Colliodal solution of silica oxide to be used in conjunction with Liquifine (Gelatine) for clarification of musts and wines. 

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Fishcoll (Isinglass)

Allergen free isinglass fining readily soluble in cold water. 

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Hydrogen Sulphide / Mercaptan Remover

Excellent alternative to Copper Sulphate to remove Hydrogen Sulphide / Mercaptan. 

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Lactofine is a highly concentrated skim milk powder, ideally suited to the fining of white wines in an easy to use formula. 

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Liquifine (50%)

Liquid Gelatine derived from animal by-products and used as a fining agent to remove excessive tannins in red wines.  

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Potassium Caseinate - Caseo Speed

Potassium Caseinate is a protein fining which is added to white wines to remove phenolic bitterness, harshness etc. 

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PVPP Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone

PVPP provides effective and highly selective reduction of polyphenols causing oxidative discoloration, haze, or loss of fresh aroma and flavor characteristics.  

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