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Polisac® Red

Polisac® Red

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Biological aid based on yeast walls.

Both in the course of alcoholic fermentation and after their death, yeasts are able to release polysaccharides, especially mannoproteins, through their process of autolysis.  These complex compounds have a significant positive influence on the quality of the wine: in red wines they can improve the stability of color and the characteristics of volume.

The addition of POLISAC RED in the early stages of vinification enrichs the wine with a good quantity of polysaccharides, particularly active in protecting the polyphenols stability and from their from precipitation. The particular position that the polysaccharides take in respect of tannins is such that their astringency is toned down and the tannic structure results are softer; -  this will allow the winemaker to obtain rounder wines with less astringent tannins. The result is a wine with more volume, smoother, with low astringency and with a very stable color at the end alcoholic fermentation and ready for maturation.

Dosage:            20g. per 100 litres of wine.

Pack size:         1Kg.

 Technical Sheet [150.67 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 218231 [178.83 KB]


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