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Everzym VRT

Price: $101.75

EVERZYM VRT is a concentrated enzyme preparation, ready foradirect use or after dilution, with a high PL activity.

It is specifically designed to work in difficult pH and temperature conditions.

The presence of secondary activities makes it suitable for working in musts coming from partially dried grapes or for cryomaceration, due too the fact that it is able to improve the activity of extraction and aromatic concentration.

EVERZYM VRT is active both on soluble and insoluble pectins and it is recommended:

-   On free-run juice of white grapes, immediately after the soft press to accelerate the clarification, the flotation, centrifugation filtration etc;

-   On free-run juice of white grapes treated with hyper-reduction (with high sulfites);

-   On musts of macerated or partially dried grapes, in order to speed up the hydrolysis of pectins;

-   On musts containing glucans (suffering from Botritis cinerea)

Dose Rate:  1 - 5g / 100L

Pack size:    1kg


This product is not considered dangerous therefore a material safety data sheet is not necessary.


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