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Everzym LCL

Price: $98.34

EVERZYM LCL is a pectolytic liquid enzyme preparation rich in pectinases PG, PE, and PL and with a specific secondary cellulase activity, which intervenes on the structure of the grape skin, therefore accelerating the color release.

EVERZYM LCL bears a natural very low level cinnamyl-esterase and anthocyanase activity.

EVERZYM LCL is recommended for enzymatic treatments:

  • On red grapes mash, for color extraction, particularly with short maceration times
  • To accelerate the clarification and filtration of musts coming from grapes with fragile skins or those having undergone vigorous pressing systems (vertical destemming crushers)
  • In order to regenerate the microfiltration cartridges or in crossflow filtration systems or reverse osmosis systems before the chemical treatment.

Dose Rate:   1 - 5g. / 100L in the crushed juice, must or wine after disolving in water.

Pack size:   1Kg & 25Kg

 MSDS [303.88 KB]

Technical Sheet [146.64 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 242098 [136.24 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch R121359ST [139.78 KB]


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