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VP 20

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The strain respects the characteristics of the terroir perfectly, fusing them with its own characteristics creating a unique strain capable of fermenting full bodied musts with high sugars such as Durif and "Ämarone styles", and imparting a “velvety” smoothness due to the high production of glycerol.  This strain has been used successfully in Australia with Pinot Grigio and Viognier where texture is an important part of the wine.


VP20 is a strain of Saccharomyces bayanus ex uvarum, derived from the selection conducted on a series of autochthonous strains selected in the classical area of Amarone, belonging to the species S. cerevisiae and S. bayanus. The organoleptic and sensory evaluations of the panel of experts showed the unique characteristics of the VP20 yeast highlighting mature fruit, floral and spicy aromas.

Alcohol tolerance

< 17% alc / vol

Temperature range

10 - 28ºC

Nutrient demand

Moderate - suggest addition of Nutrozim at 30g / 100 litres.

Lag phase

Short at low temperatures.

Fermentation kinetics

Regular fermenter.

Pack Size: 500g vacuum pack, 20 X 500g Box (10Kg)

Dose Rate: 20 - 30g per 100 litres

Technical Sheet [103.44 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 142282 [157.9 KB]


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