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Mycoferm IT Cab 90

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MYCOFERM IT CAB 90 is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae strain, isolated and selected in Burgundy, ideal for red wines with notable varietal aroma characteristics. The enzyme activities of this yeast allows for the extraction and conservation over the time of the primary aromas of the grapes, therefore revealing the particular sensorial notes which arise from the variety-terroir interaction.


For Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, according to the case, they have increased notes of blackcurrant, blackberry and black pepper; for the Pinot Noir grape variety, wild cherry, licorice, blackcurrant, redcurrant and raspberry.   For the Barbera grape variety there is rose notes, whereas, for the Sangiovese variety, the presence of iris and violet is noted. 

MYCOFERM IT CAB 90 is ideal for wines destined to be consumed young, in which it is desirable to make evident the fruity varietal notes; its also ideal for wines destined to ageing, due to the gradual evolution of the aromas towards more complex forms of ripe fruit, jam and spices.  Offers very low production of VA and H2S.

Alcohol tolerance

< 15% alc / vol

Temperature range

18 - 30C

Nutrient demand

Moderate - suggest addition of Nutrozim at 30g / 100 litres

Lag phase

Very short

Fermentation kinetics

Fast fermenter

Pack Size: 500g vacuum pack, 20 X 500g Box (10Kg)

Dose Rate: 20 - 30g per 100 litres

Technical Sheet [122.35 KB]

Certificate of Analysis


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