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Diammonium Phosphate (D.A.P.)

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HIGH QUALITY FOOD GRADE - Widely used as a nutrient for yeast fermentations to provide nitrogen to the yeast cells and to prevent the formation of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) during ferments.

Largely superceded by the introduction of complex nutrient formulas (Nutrazim, Biocibus Gold, Biocibus Extra and Biocibus No Stop).

Dose rates:      20g / 100 litres prior to the commencement of fermentation followed by a further addition of 20g / 100 litres 48-72 hours after the start of fermentation.

                       If H2S is detected (rotten egg smell) then add a further 10g / 100 litres.

                       Do not add towards the end of fermentation as residual DAP may cause wine taints.

Pack Sizes:     5Kg. and 25Kg.

AWRI Report - DAP Belgium  -Water hardness report

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