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Fining & Clarification Agents arrow Stabilizers - Ever Intec arrow Sterisol (Liquid Sulphur)

Sterisol (Liquid Sulphur)

Sterisol (Liquid Sulphur)

Price: $96.75

STERISOL 600 is a concentrated and ready to use quality liquid sulfiting agent. Apart from its “antiseptic” and “antioxidant” actions, intervenes positively in fermentations due to the free amino nitrogen (FAN) supplied.

STERISOL 600 is different from other sulfiting agents in that it has a greater purity, concentration and clearness.

STERISOL 600 is a modern and practical alternative to sulfur dioxide in cylinders and to potassium metabisulfite

STERISOL 600 is furthermore a valuable oenological coadjuvant because:

  • Respects the must and wine quality
  • Is easy to use because it is ready to use
  • Is adaptable for use with dosing pumps
  • Is effective and safe
  • Is cost effective

STERISOL 600, because of its characteristics, can be advantageously used starting from the vinification (directly on grapes, in the press, in the must and in the wine) up to the bottling.


STERISOL 600 comes in a liquid form and it’s ready to use either manually or through dosing pumps.

10 g/ 100 litres of STERISOL 600 yields around 50 mg/L of SO2


Ammonium bisulfite 70%, demineralized water as needed to 100%

SO2 content: 630 g/L; FAN supply: 154 g/L; Sulfates: <1,5%

Packaging:      1000 kg IBC, 25 kg drum

Technical Sheet [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 108.01 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch1295499 [177 KB]

MSDS [588.77 KB]


Usually ships in: Indent Italy



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