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Savoury Soft

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SAVOURY SOFT component has a positive effect on the stability and taste of wine, thanks to a significant contribution of polysaccharides and mannoproteins derived from preparations of yeast hulls specially selected and extracted enzymatically with β-glucanase.
The use of SAVOURY SOFT prevents the risk of occurrence of H2S odours, as sometimes happens with the natural lees, and allows their adsorption when present.
SAVOURY SOFT also acts with the solids already present due to accelerating
enzymatic cell lysis as well as promoting the solubilization of the polysaccharides and mannoprotiens, and improve the aroma and taste of the wine and also assists the process of the MLF.

Dose Rate:      20 - 50g / 100 litres

Pack Size:      1Kg

Technical Sheet [143.96 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 82414 [128.47 KB] 


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