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Evergel™ -

is a fining agent formulated from micronised Potassium Caseinate with high protein contents, Egg Albumin, micronised Gelatin and Montmorillonite (main constituent of Bentonite) with high protein removal capacity.


·          Acts by coagulation and flocculation, causing a quick precipitation of the  suspended solids to a compact deposit.

·          Has a high content of egg albumin that absorbs the bitter tannins together with  micronised gelatin - very efficient

        on unstable fractions of coloring matters.

·          Absorbs oxidative enzymes and suspended micro-organisms that hinder the  clarification as well as stability

        and during the filtration process.

·          It is efficient both in preventive and curative phase, removing both oxidisable and  oxidised substances, also acting

        on reaction catalyst (metals and oxidative enzymes).

·          It grants a longer stability to the wine preventing casses, browning and maderisation.


Dose Rate:   30 - 50g / 100 litres for normal fining and clarification

                   60 - 100g / 100 litres for fining and clarification in difficult wines.

Instructions for use:

Dissolve EVERGEL in cold water at a ratio from 1:10 up to 1:20 in relation to the efficiency that is required (the better Evergel is dissolved, the better the distribution and efficiency).   Stir carefully, using agitator.  Let rest for a few hours, stir again and add the solution so obtained to the wine to be treated in a thin flow, while keeping the wine agitated.


Pack Size:   1Kg. & 25Kg.

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