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Everzym Color

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EVERZYM COLOR is a granular enzymatic preparation with pectolytic activity and with secondary cellulase, hemicellulase, protease and -glucanase activities. 

  • In red grape must for the extraction of colour from the skins;
  • In musts-wines where its action allows for a greater usage of the tanks volume,reduces foaming, and facilitates alcoholic fermentation and MLF; it also accelerates the clarification and increases the filtration yield
  • During the fermentation, where it accelerates the lysis of the yeast and from which mannoproteins, nucleoside, nucleotide and polysaccharide are released. These are useful for the stability and sensorial improvement of the wine.
  • For the regeneration of microfiltration cartridges or in crossflow filtration systems or of reverse osmosis systems, before the chemical treatment (see protocol below)

Dose Rate:  1 - 5g / 100L

Pack size:   500g & 10Kg.

Technical Sheet [107.33 KB]

Filter Membrane Cleaning Protocol

Everzym Color Membrane Cartridge Cleaning


Granular Enzymes MSDS [448.75 KB]

Everzym powderline MSDS.pdf

 Everzym Certificate of Analysis - Batch 354245

 Everzym Certificate of Analysis - Batch 360072



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