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Enzymes are the catalyst for many reactions that occur during berry development and within the winemaking process.  Enzymes assist the winemaker to reduce pectin’s in grape must to aid clarification and free juice from binding with soluble and insoluble substances to increase juice yield.  Also used to reduce proteins in wines which may result in hazes developing if not controlled.  Enzymes assist with colour stabilization and clarification in red wines to aid filterability.

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Optivin Aromatic

Post fermentation food grade enzyme containing significant levels of beta-glucosidase. 

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Optivin Bruce

OPTIVIN® Bruce is a red winemaking enzyme system designed to stabilise red wine colour and to improve red wine clarity and filterability specifically developed for the production of commercial and ‘early release’ red wines.  

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Pectic enzyme containing Arabinase activity which has been found to enhance floral varietal aromas and bouquet in aromatic grape varieties. 

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