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Ferco Powdered Natural Colour 12UC

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This product is exclusively produced by extracting and concentrating the anthocyanins from the skin of fresh grapes.

100% pure grape from French vineyards around the Rhone District.

Produced in a micro granulated form at a colour intensity rating of 12UC (units of Colour), the powder is instantly soluble in wine (similar pH) and provides very intese colour for red and rose wines.

Natural colour E163

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Dose rate: Subject to trial - maximum suggested 1g/litre

Pack size: 20Kg, 5kg, 1kg, 500gm

Tech Sheet [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 159.32 KB]

HACCP Certificate

[80.57 KB]

 GMO Certificate

 Free from animal products

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 45D-GSE12UC-14612 [52 KB]

 Powder GSE 12UC Batch 47-GSE12UC-03813.pdf

 COA 48-GSE12UC-04413.pdf

 COA 49-GSE12UC-05013.pdf

 COA 50B-GSE12UC-07113.pdf

 COA 51-GSE12UC-10113.pdf



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