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Mycoferm CRU 05

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Quality strain selected for the production of important Red Wines because it valorizes the “terroir” of varieties such as:

Cabernet , Merlot,  Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and Montepulciano.


MYCOFERM CRU 05 is a fructophilic, high alcohol yield, vigorous yeast, with a short lag phase even at medium-low fermentation temperatures.

MYCOFERM CRU 05 contributes positively to the smoothness sensation due to a greater production of glycerin and to the bouquet with pleasant wild berries notes.

Alcohol tolerance

< 16% alc / vol.

Temperature range

16 - 30º

Nutrient demand

Moderate - suggest addition of Nutrozim at 30g / 100 litres

Lag phase


Fermentation kinetics

Regular and vigorous fermenter

Pack Size: 500g vacuum pack, 20 X 500g Box (10Kg)

Dose Rate: 20 - 30g per 100 litres

Technical Sheet [100.1 KB]

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 142212 [163.14 KB]


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