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Everzym XPL

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Everzym XPL will replace Everzym MPL as our premium white grape Enzyme, with even greater tolerance to low temperature and low pH, making it ideal for Sparkling base, Rieslings and the likes. Due to its focus on the soft tissue of the grape it allows for the gentle extraction of aromas and polysaccharides from the skins to positively contribute to the wine, at the same time preserving the integrity of the skin, thus limiting extraction of colour and bitterness, making it ideal for Pinot Grigio and other coloured white varieties.

EVERZYM XPL is a concentrated liquid pectolytic enzyme. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of aromatic grapes and musts of varieties (e.g. Pinot Grigio) where the aim is to limit as much as possible the extraction of color from the skins.

Dose Rate:   1 - 3g / 100L

Pack Size:   50g, 500g 1Kg. & 25Kg



Certificate of Analysis - Batch 9332 [107.56 KB]

MSDS [303.88 KB]



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