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Yeast, MLF Cultures & Nutrients arrow Fermentation nutrients arrow Creaferm No Stop

Creaferm No Stop

Price: $49.90

CREAFERM NO STOP is a product made up of inactive yeast cells extremely rich in membrane cells, providing essential fatty acids and sterols to maintain the correct environment for yeast activity.

It preserves the functionality of the transport systems of the yeast cells to enable them to achieve regular and complete ferments.  Its use is fundamental when the first symptoms of slowing down of the ferment are evident, whether due to difficult conditions that are established in wines or application of a nutritional strategy "lacking" in terms of growth factors and survival (e.g. exclusive use of salts).

CREAFERM NO STOP, with its yeast hulls, exerts an important adsorbing action against  products inhibiting the ferment.

CREAFERM NO STOP then become a fundamental activator for stuck fermentation:

  • It removes the inhibiting substances
  • It brings fatty acids and sterols, necessary factors for the recommencement of ferment
  • It brings a fraction of ammonium phosphate to assist nutritional deficiencies.

Dose Rate:      20-40 g/hl  in the final stages of the fermentation.

                          Sluggish ferments to prevent the ferment stopping: 20-30 g/hl.

                          To restart ferments after stopping: 40 g/hl


Tech Sheet

Certificate of Analysis - Batch 254044 [180.67 KB]




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