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Enoltech is wokring in conjunction with Jaegar Australia to develop a range of innovative winery cleaning solutions.

The Wine Industry Product Range is forumlated with the knowledge that it is for an industry that appreicates and demands high quality products with an awareness of it's environment responsibilities.

All Jaegar Chemicals are made to comply with AQIS & food handling standards Australia.

All cleaning chemicals and storage containers used at your plant comply to the following Occupational and Safety Acts, regulations and Code of Practices:

Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985

Dangerous Goods Act 1985

Dangerous Goods (Storage & Handling) Regulation 1989

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An effervescing oxygen treatment for tainted barrels & general barrel hygiene / sanitation. 

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A peroxyacid citric acid based sanitiser. 

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Low foam potassium hydroxide based detergent - tartrate and heavy soils remover. 

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A CIP potassium based detergent to remove tartrate and protein stains. 

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A CIP sodium detergent to remove tartrate and protein stains. 

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A citric acid ased detergent sanitiser - biocide. 

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A peroxy-alkaline detergent & sanitiser to remove stains & soils in a low foam formula. 

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