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EnolTech (derived from Enological Technologies) is a specialist supplier of high quality, sustainable winemaking products sourced from the World's leading technology companies. In 2012, Enoltech Australia was acquired by Vinitech Agencies, and since then, both companies have amalgamated as one, operating in the name of Enoltech, with sites in Griffith NSW, Hallam VIC, and Angaston, SA.

This company amalgamation has brought together a team of experience professionals offering a wide range of products.

We proudly represent these quality brands in Australia:

  • Everintec - Complete range of Winemaking technologies and ingredients backed by extensive institutional research.

  • Immer - Advanced filtration media for pad and lenticular.

  • Enolmix - Flotation technologies for a range of applications and volumes.

  • Pronektar - Naturally air dryed on pallets in the seasoning yard. Premium quality oak alternative.
  • Barrel Associates - Finest quality American & European Oak.

  • Procork - Innovative cork closures - developed in Australia - produced in Portugal - now overtaking France.
  • Ferco - a range of natural polyphenol extracted from grape dedicated especially for food applications and Oenology


Ever Intec® one of the largest European suppliers of Yeasts, yeast nutrients, tannins, enzymes and polysaccharides have appointed EnolTech Australia as their sole Australian distributor of the entire range of products they produce.  We have access to one of the most technically advanced producers in the world with a huge research & development programme to develop new strains of yeasts to suit individual requirements.    For the first time in Australia, we are able to offer a range of yeasts which were developed in Europe specifically the replicate the flavour profiles  of Australian wines and a range of Italian yeasts developed in Italy to suit the “Old World” styles of Primitivo, Montepulciano, Tocai, Barbera, Sangiovese & Dolcetto.    This should come as good news to the Australian producers who are developing a range of Italian styles with the growing demand  for alternative wine styles.

Tannins are wonderful new products which have only recently  been introduced to the Australian market, and if recent trials and tastings are any indication, Ever Intec® pre and post fermentation tannins will be a great new tool for Australian winemakers to use to give texture and mouth feel to a range of red and white wines.  The Ever Intec®  range of Polysaccharides have recently been released to Australia wide acclaim.

The new smart logo adopted by the company is symbolic of our new fresh approach to customer relations, product development and delivery – especially at vintage time!  The vast range of experience of our staff, is available to all of our clients and backed up with reliable, quality products from the best producers in the World.


90 Wedgewood Road, HALLAM VIC 3803

t: 03 8786 4300 ˝ f: 03 8786 4399

25-27 Altin Street, GRIFFITH NSW 2680

t: 02 6962 9217 ˝ f: 02 6962 9218

55 Moculta Road, ANGASTON SA 5353 




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